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Why I Love Book Spoilers (and How I Hope Someone Loves Them as Much as I Do, Too)

I like book spoilers. No – actually, I love spoilers. May it be books, movies or anything of the sort.

I know, I know. I can already hear all of your gasps ‘till the milky way: “How dare you love spoilers?! Spoilers ruin EVERYTHING!

I’m pretty sure my reason will sound unconvincing, but I’m still going to say it anyway. I’ve come to love spoilers because it makes me look forward to reading (or watching) a story. A bit upside-down, eh? For example, we all know the ending of Allegiant by Veronica Roth, right? I asked what the ending was from one of my friends who was already done reading it before, and when she told me, I was even more excited to read the ending. “How could she have deserved that? What happened? I wonder how Four would feel.” Those kinds of possibilities kept on popping inside my mind.

Yes, it took me a year to finish Allegiant, but that was because the scientific talk about the genes and stuff bored me to no end (I hate Science and I didn’t understand anything). It wasn’t because I was spoiled about the ending. It was because all of the hoolabaloos about genetic stuff confused me. (Yes, hoolabaloo is a word. I made it. Therefore it is a legitimate word.)

Now, I know some of you still don’t understand why I’m really attracted to spoilers. Let me tell you another example: Recently, while I was reading Winter, one of my friends who’s already read it before told me something tear-jerking will happen near the end of the book with Thorne. I was like, “WHAT. SERIOUSLY. ██ GIRL TELL ME WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN.” And all she replied to me was that he was going to cry. Gee, thanks. Definitely helped.

Basically, I have this habit of asking people who’s read a book I’m currently reading on what happens in it – including spoilers. Will someone die? Will there be love triangles? Kissing? Sacrificing?!?? WILL THE MC LIVE?!?!?

I mean, doesn’t the urge to know kill you? (Not literally, of course.) I know mysteries are the core of books that make it so good and special, but I’m an impatient girl. I always want answers, unfortunately. Being gripped with books may be a good thing, but it also gave me an unhealthy habit of forcing asking my friends to tell me what’s going to happen. 

Of course, this love of mine doesn’t attract my other bibliophile friends. They don’t like it when I suddenly blurt out spoilers out of nowhere (okay, I understand – who, except for me, wouldn’t?). They also hesitate to tell me spoilers sometimes because they’re sadistic enough they want me to be on edge. I get it. But again, I am an impatient little breadstick. My apologies.

Why don’t you like spoilers? Do you like spoiling others? Is there anybody out there who also shares the same love of mine? (We can be book spoiler buddies!!) Or am I really alone? :(

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Mara @ Mara Was Here

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  1. I just wanted to tell you that you have the absolute power to make words up. Also to call yourself breadstick, because that is such a lovely thing to call anyone.

    I personally don't like being spoiled if it's something I already 100% know I will read/watch -- I want to experience it in full! But sometimes I don't mind being spoiled if I'd like to know whether something will suit me, because the ending does impact my final decision whether to check it out. I try my very very best not to blurt out spoilers, but sometimes I just completely forget that someone isn't up to date yet!

    ~ Alyssa @ The Devil Orders Takeout

  2. Nope, I'm not someone who likes to tell spoilers and not someone who likes to hear about them. But I can understand why you might like them. I know people who read the last page of a book to see if they want to read the whole thing. And of course, if you ever re-read a book, you already know how it will end, but that doesn't stop you enjoying it all over again, does it?

  3. I kind of agree! I mean I do agree because for me not knowing something kills me so a spoiler can really satisfy me and, as you say, excite me because I want to see how it's handled.

    But, also, on the other hand sometimes a spoiler can ruin a book for me if I disagree with the event, and think it shouldn't happen that way, then I find it v hard to finish a book!

  4. I thought that I was the only one who liked spoilers! I just can't resist myself when I'm reading a mystery to peek in the back couple of pages. I just want to know!

    The only spoilers that I don't like are ones for movies. Sadly, I haven't seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet, and some people just can't keep their mouths shut and now I know who dies. (Sorry if that was a spoiler.) I was so mad.

    I love spoilers for books, but for movies I'm one of the ones with pitchforks lol :)

    Great post!
    -Kayl @ Kayl's Krazy Obsession

  5. I agree with you SO much. That same spoiler for Allegiant actually made me consider picking up that series (I still haven't read it, and I might not, but if I do, it's because of the spoiler).

    In fact, I think "spoiler" is a frustrating term for it. Why does knowing something will happen spoil/ruin the book? Is reading enjoyment based only on surprise and not knowing?

  6. OH MY GOD, I FEEL YOU COMPLETELY! It's so hard to find people that also like spoilers, and I understand when people tell me they hate it, but I actually look forward to spoil myself THE WHOLE TIME.
    I just have something to look forward to, you know? You know that thing is happening, so you start to read avidly so you can get to the moment and see it with your own eyes! You know is going to happen, so when you get there, is even more satisfying!
    It may not make sense, but I'm ALL ABOUT SPOILERS as well!

    1. EXACTLY!! You just explained the exact reason why I love spoilers. I couldn't even explain it myself. xD SPOILERS OF LIFE.

  7. I do love spoilers. When I read a review I always view the spoiler, and I always open the last few pages first before actually starting the book. It makes me more excited to read the book you know?:D Why did it happened? How??? Do they end up together? And all that questions will motivate me to keep reading!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. Opening the last few pages is what I do everytime I buy a new book as well! It's pretty much a habit of mine already. Every time I get to read a new book, I always feel so excited on finishing it already xD (Unless it's the end of a series. In that case, I might cry.)


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