Review Policy

Currently CLOSED For Review Requests

As an avid reader, I am so thankful to hear that you're interested in letting me review your work! Though I'd be ecstatic to know such news, that does not mean I will read anything and everything you will give me. So please read through my policy below before e-mailing me your copy. This is to lessen the chances of not actually finishing your book due to the fact that I'm not really fond of reading the genre that you submitted.

I keep my reviews honest and unbiased, so keep in mind that there may come a chance that I won't like your book and choose to not finish it halfway through (which will unlikely happen most of the time). If that happens, I will make sure to inform you through e-mail. Please also keep in mind that asking me to review your book will not guarantee that your book will have a high rating.

If you have any specific date that you'd like me to post the review, please do say so in your e-mail. If you don't, I will most probably finish the book in a range of a week or two from the day I received the copy. If I ever become busy and know that I can't finish your book early, I'll make sure to tell you immediately. I also tend to prioritize book reviews with fixed dates.

My reviews will also be cross-posted on Goodreads and Amazon.

I accept ARCs and review copies in either physical or digital (.epub/.mobi) format.

Preferred Genres

I usually accept Young Adult books and possibly accept Middle Grade ones with the following sub-genres:
  • Contemporary
  • Romance
  • Paranormal
  • Dystopia
  • Mystery (on certain circumstances)
  • Horror (on certain circumstances)

Also, make sure that they are fictional. Self-published works are accepted as well. If you'd like to submit a graphic novel, feel free. I might accept it if I like it.

  • Erotica
  • Adult Romance
  • Heavy Gore/Horror
  • Westerns
  • Non-Fiction

Rating System

The following describes the meaning of my ratings:

- Just terrible. I regret reading this book.
- I was bored halfway through, but I finished it just for the sake of saying I made it.
- Good enough. The book had both good and bad qualities but I didn't entirely hate it.
- Close to amazing, though I feel like there was something missing. The flaws are there, but I can't help but still love the book.
- Simply amazing! I full-on recommend this book.

Request Form

Please include the following information in your e-mail:
  • Author Name
  • Author Introduction (optional)
  • Book Title & Summary
  • Book Genre
  • Release Date & Publisher (If it's an ARC and/or self-published, please say so)
  • Purchase Links

After you have read and agreed with my terms,  kindly e-mail me at I will most likely respond within 2-3 days if I choose to review your book. Thank you so much!
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