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Mara Was Here: About
I’m Mara, the hysterical owner of this blog. My headquarters lie in the Philippines, where I can be constantly seen doing nothing but using the internet and reading. (And in most cases, fangirling.)

If you’re an avid fan of young adult fiction, then this blog is for you. I constantly review YA books every Tuesday and post weird discussions, lists, or other crazy stuff every Thursday. My reviews consist of flailing, capital letters, and in unfortunate cases, rants. That being said, all of my reviews are proudly extricated from my brain and nowhere else.

If you’d like to check out book recommendations or have no idea what to read next, then feel free to float around at my review index. If you’re an author/publisher and would like to ask for book reviews, then you might want to go to my review policy.

Thanks for visiting MWH, and I hope you enjoy your stay! :)


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