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Book Depository: The Glorious Online Bookstore for Lazy Readers Like Moi

my book depository experience - Mara Was Here
A few months ago, I won a giveaway hosted by the lovely Alexa @ Alexa Loves Books which was the VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY I ever won. (Like, seriously, I didn’t join even a single giveaway until I started book blogging because I never knew where to find them.) The prize was a $50 book shopping spree at the Book Depository, and it was GLORIOUS.

But first, what is the Book Depository?

The Book Depository is, in my own understanding, an online bookstore where you can shop for almost every traditionally published book out there.

Basically, if (a) you’re a lazy-ass like me who doesn’t want to go outside to buy books, or (b) you want to buy a book that isn’t available at your local bookstores, this place is for you.

So, how was your experience, Mara?

Why, thank you so much for asking. I ordered three books, namely Sword and Verse, Challenger Deep and Dreamology, and the shipping process took from June 15 to July 7, which is exactly 22 days. The three books arrived and was given to me from customs by July 12. All in all, it took 27 days for all three books to be brought to me.

Almost a month, I know, but understandably the books came from the UK, so I was already assuming it would take a month before the books would come to me.

The packaging

The moment I finally held the books, I was crying with joy because one, THEY WERE BOOKS, and two, it was the first time I actually had book mail. So please do bear with me.

The Book Depository packaging #1 The Book Depository packaging #2

The books were carefully covered in cardboard, as shown above. One of the books, Dreamology, had a small dent at the bottom which I assumed happened in the middle of the shipping process. It was only a small one so I let it be. The other books, however, looked really nice and brand-new and I couldn’t have asked for more.

The extras

I have no idea if this comes with every order, or has only been given out for free recently, but there were bookmarks that came along with each book (one each for Dreamology and Sword and Verse, and two inside Challenger Deep). They were bookmarks with coloring book excerpts that I could color myself, but in all honesty I suck at coloring, so I’ll just use them in all their black in white glory (sorry, bookmarks!)

My apologies for the terrible photography - I had to take all of these photos during the nighttime! >.<

Tax fees

I think the thing that worried me the most once these books arrived was how much I had to pay for the tax. I’ve heard a lot of terrible stories about really high tax payments, especially in the Philippines, where, for example, a person only bought an item so cheap, but by the time the item arrived, they had to pay 2x (sometimes even more) the amount of the item because of the taxes that came with them.

I’m happy to say, though, that these books arrived tax free! Meaning, one could literally buy from The Book Depository by only paying the price of the books you bought on the website. No tax fees, no shipping fees. (Well, when it’s shipped here in the Philippines, at least.) It literally is like buying from a local bookstore, but without going outside!

Overall thoughts

The Book Depository will definitely be my go-to website for online shopping when it comes to books from now on. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and it’s really helpful, especially when I want to have a specific edition of a book, or if I want to buy a novel that isn’t available in my country.

I think the only downside to this as a tiny little human who lives in the far, far east is that these things could take pretty long until arrival. If you’re an impatient human bean being, that might annoy you. But I think it’s still worth it, especially if you’re buying because of the above reasons.

Also, I’d like to add the fact that this website has tons of discounts. They even have a specific page called the "Bargain Shop" which is basically heaven for every book lover out there.
And because of that, I’m giving this online bookstore 5 stars. (Okay, I honestly didn’t expect this to turn out into a review, but oh well.) Definitely a huge recommend. Just imagine me giving this a huge thumbs up. Like, a fifty feet tall thumbs up.

So, what are you waiting for? Go! Shop! NOW!

Have you ever ordered from the Book Depository before? How was your experience? Or, have you ever wanted to try and buy from TBD? Oh, oh! Or maybe, how was your previous online book shopping experience? :D
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  1. Hi! Did you pay a P50 “fee” to the mailman? Some did experience being asked for an unknown fee of P50 from the mailman. But I guess since it's 2016, the PO are less corrupt than they used to be.

    I’m thinking of getting books from BD for the first time, soon. Wish luck! :)


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