Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4 of My Blog Post Essentials

After nearly ten (TEN!!) months of blogging, I’ve finally found a typical style for me to use on my blog posts. If you’ve been here since the beginning (last September or October), you’re probably aware of how I’ve changed from “Nervous girl who doesn’t know if being polite and using deep English is the only acceptable way to blog and has no idea what she's doing 99% of the time” to “Oh who cares I’m using all caps and GIFs as much as I want” sort of girl.

(Of course, I still have no idea what I'm doing, but still.)

I can pretty much say I’ve evolved (or changed, but I like using evolve because POKÉMON) a lot. Especially on my reviews.

But I’m not here to compare how I’ve changed these past few months. That’s a blog post for another time. I’m here to show you guys the essential things my blog posts should almost always (of not all the time) have.

#1 GIFs

A 15-year-old Mara does not write a review and/or blog post without at least one GIF. I mean, if there aren’t then WHERE’S THE FUN IN THAT?? I swear publishing my blog posts costs me more than an hour instead of just thirty minutes just because I spend most of my time searching for the perfect GIFs to use.

I mean, sure, Google Images is there (and Tumblr, nobody should ever forget that black hole) but just choosing the first GIF you find is not acceptable. Nu-uh. It should be humorous or at least relates to the paragraph before or after it. That’s the Mara way.

hairflip tumblr gif

#2 Capital Letters

Because WHY NOT. I actually envy bloggers who don’t use them a lot because they can control themselves enough not to use it, and they can express their thoughts without going crazy. They’re angels. They have superpowers. I long for their autographs.

fangirling tumblr gif

Really though, I can see why some people wouldn’t like a lot of capital letters in blog posts. But hey, this is me. And this is my blog. I do want I want and you can just moonwalk away if you don’t want to be here, thank you.

#3 Overreactions by Yours Truly

This is most evident on my reviews. Most of my reviews are composed of my thoughts and how I felt while and/or after reading them. I could talk about some scenes and share my feelings about them. I could even rant away in one whole paragraph without me even noticing it until I’ve written 5 or more sentences (you have no idea how much rewriting I do with my reviews).

Basically, I always like sharing my thoughts in a book my way. Not just using the common “The plot was good,” “the characters were well-thought out” and blah blah blah. Instead I say “X AND Y ARE MY SHIP AND I AM GOING DOWN WITH THEM” and “WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU CALL THIS SCENE LIKE WHAT THE HELL AUTHOR WHY WOULD YOU.”

#4 Questions

Of course, this is an essential one. I’ve been doing this a lot and I will never stop doing it (whether or not you guys even answer it or not). Basically I always write questions relating to my blog posts at the bottom, so you guys can have something to answer when you have no idea what to comment about.

I also do this on my reviews sometimes, but I have a weak spot for searching for questions I can ask at the bottom of my reviews so… yeah. But I do try!

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Do you enjoy my shrieking self? Or do you like the fact that I use GIFs? Oh, and what are your blog post essentials?
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