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YA Books vs. Textbooks: There really isn’t much of a debate here, is there

YA Books vs Textbooks: There really isn't much of a debate here, is there
All right. So much to my utter dismay: SCHOOL STARTS TODAY.

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I know most of you are probably having your summer vacation this month (which is totally cool and makes me very jealous), but schools in my country work differently (we usually have ours from late March to early June). And now that I’m dreading the thought of going through the first day of school yet again (with classmates that I’m not really that fond of), I thought it would be fun to have a bookish school-related blog post for this Thursday.

So as I am most probably sulking at the darkest depths of the classroom in school right now, let’s just get on with the actual topic on the blog today, shall we?

YA Books vs. Textbooks

NO I AM NOT KIDDING. I have seriously hit my head hard enough to even think of comparing YA to textbooks. Yes, yes, I know these two are completely different. One is optional, and the other is honestly not-so-optional (I mean, that’s why you go to school in the first place, right?). One is famous for its fictional stories, and the other is, well, dreaded for their nonfictional-ness (yes I know that isn't a word). But I thought it would be fun for me to share my thoughts about them so, here 'ya go. Yes, you can laugh at me now.

YA Books

  • Fun to read with its creative plotlines.
  • There is actually a whole story inside.
  • You can learn new things while going on a journey with the main character.
  • Magic! Swoon-worthy romance! Fight scenes! Friendship!
  • The fact that it’s told as a story makes it more appealing for me to read.
  • Did I mention that this can include steampunk? Magic? ALIENS??


  • Err, it’s non-fiction.
  • It has this thing called a “Math book” that makes me want to cry from page one.
  • Full of useful information, yes, but memorizing them makes me snooze until I realize it’s exam day tomorrow and I HAVEN’T MEMORIZED ANYTHING YET. (I like to call this one “Info-dumping my own brain so I can pass.”)
  • No story. Unless it’s an English book (since ours always have short stories we read for school, which are the only ones I actually like to read. I don’t know about other schools though.)
  • The fact that it’s mandatory to read it makes me cry.

Don’t get me wrong though, I do appreciate the fact that there are educational books out there, and that non-fiction authors dedicate a lot of their time and effort to write them. They’re helpful and informative and usually don’t miss one important fact. Sometimes I’d even have weird days where I would pick up a textbook and read it (though it usually lasts for only a few minutes).

The thing is, as a student (especially a bibliophile student), I find it SO TIRING to read textbooks for school, but for some reason, as a bibliophile, reading YA books don’t bother me. Even memorizing textbooks make me sleepy, but when I read useful information from YA books, I’d remember it in an instant (like this one time when Legend helped me during recitation once). This is actually pretty ironic if I think about it: An avid reader who’s not a fan of textbooks. Though I’m sure other bibliophile students might agree with me here.

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I’ve also always wondered if schools could use fiction books for school. Like maybe asking students to read a retelling for History class (I’m sure there are YA retellings out there that actually have correct facts but are told in an amusing way). But yes, I know this is just wishful thinking on my part, since I know there are non-readers who wouldn’t find this kind of approach even the least bit appealing. SIGH.

Do you actually love reading textbooks? Are there some ways you know that’ll help me use textbooks more, or ways that I can memorize them more easily for school? What are your thoughts on reading YA books vs. Textbooks?
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