Thursday, May 5, 2016

I Like to Read Books Where People Die

I’d like to talk about my favorite kind of book. By “favorite” I mean those books I just can’t help but not read because, well, I like them. Even though they give me chest pains and is 90% of the reason why I have a hard time breathing because FEELS.

Oh, and I’m not talking about a specific genre here. I’m talking about a book that has *this* kind of trope inserted in them.

I’m talking about books where people legitimately die.

I’m not going to mention books here because I have a feeling you guys will punch me for spoiling you that someone’s going to die in that particular book. So I’m just going to explain myself here. (Come on, I’m not THAT mean. I love you guys too much. *cue “aww” in the background*)

I like calling myself a masochistic reader

Why? Why do I like giving myself such pain?! Can’t I just indulge myself in romantic contemporaries where couples make out and live happily ever after without anybody threatening their lives? (Go away TFiOS, this doesn’t include you.)

I think there’s something about reading a book where there’s a possibility of someone dying that fascinates me. I’ve pondered this for a while and listed two of the topmost reasons why I weirdly so:

#1 I like things to be realistic

This may be the most obvious reason of all. Sometimes, an author would oh-so forcefully keep their beloved character alive to the point that they’ll make loopholes to make things possible, when they should have already died (realistically) a tons of chapters ago.

This includes my hate for authors who bring their characters back alive. I don’t like authors who cheat deaths. There are only a number of stories where I actually accepted this, but only because it was written properly, or the character was brought back to life for a reason. If the character needs to die, THEY SHOULD DIE. (No matter how much I love them. I’d rather they die than be magically brought back to life again just because.)

#2 Character deaths make me emotional

Ah, this is why I call myself a masochistic reader. I like myself to feel things while reading a book, and I think a properly conveyed character death succeeds at this.

Sometimes when in the heat of battle, character deaths would make it even more emotional, because someone important died. It’s something I hate but love at the same time because I feel the loss of that character’s friends/gang/whatever as they watch him/her die. (And maybe even cry with them.)

See, definitely a masochistic reader right there.

Do you like reading books where people die, too? Or do the feels kill you too hard so you tend to avoid them? Let’s talk about it below!
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