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The Collector: A Great, Well-Written Dystopian Sci-Fi

The Collector by David Luna book cover
TITLE: The Collector
AUTHOR: David Luna
GENRE: Adult Dystopian Sci-Fi & Romance
PUBLICATION DATE: July 16, 2015 by Lunatime Publishing

Years ago when the dam collapsed, the city’s water supply went with it. Combined with a decades-long drought, polluted waterways, and gross overpopulation, people were encouraged to voluntarily sell their lives in exchange for water rations to those they leave behind.

Neil Vaughn, a hardened 3-stripe Collector, is part of an elite squad who has sworn an oath to the Agency to round up, transport, and deliver the volunteers to the processing facility where they are to be killed. But when he makes the mistake of falling in love, it reawakens his humanity and threatens his most important assignment yet, one which could undermine the Agency’s control over the system should he fail.

In a world where everything including life is stripped away, nothing can suppress our ability to love.


I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.

“Perhaps it takes knowing you’re going to die to really start to live.”

The World-Building/Writing

I definitely find the world The Collector is set in very convincing. With all the penal codes, the properly-explained jobs, and how the reader is introduced to the life of the Collectors, I felt like I was living in the world myself.

The writing itself is very simple and has a style that I can’t properly explain, but it fits for the story. The action scenes were well-written, and I could definitely feel all the emotions it wanted to convey, such as, “OH MY GOD YOU DID NOT” and “GET OUTTA HERE STOP RUINING THE MOMENT.”

The Characters

One of the things I loved about The Collector is how fleshed-out the characters are. I knew who was who, and I didn’t have a hard time figuring out who was talking. There was also some great character development as the book progresses, especially for the Neil.

Neil Vaughn, the book’s protagonist, was a character I didn’t hate, which is a good thing (you have no idea how many protagonists I’ve hated despite a good story). I wanted to root for him and Inna ‘till the end, so when I reached the ending, I sort-of-maybe-but-not-maybe panicked. I MEAN COME ON. THEY’RE JUST INCHES FROM THE WALL DAMMIT.

As for Inna, the MCs love interest, my heart basically melted for her. I wanted her to live and have a happy life because THIS WOMAN DESERVES IT SO MUCH. And she’s just so kind and friendly and ugh *ugly cries*.

Wade and Paiton

All right, I just want to give these two some credit. THEY DESERVE SO MUCH AND THEY JUST… ACK. *Kicks Slayter to death with my gigantic foot* I really felt bad for Wade because he just wanted to have a normal romantic relationship with Paiton, even though the law/protocol forbids it (*woot woot star-crossed romance*). That being said, I hope they’re having a great time in the afterlife with their tongues sticking out to the government because they’re finally living the happy life.


The Collector is a book that I feel deserves so much more attention to those who like reading adult books, especially dystopians. I found it a very great read that refreshed my mind to the world of dystopian sci-fi. So if you like dystopian adult novels, then you should definitely give this one a try!
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