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The Get To Know Me Tag! (In which I admit that I don't watch TV and claim to have a fictional son)

The Get To Know Me Tag!
Before anything else, I would like to hand out all the chocolates in the world to Erin @ The Book Archive for the tag! (This is a big deal, because chocolates are my LIFE.) After my previous post about the stuff I do when I’m not reading, you guys may or may not be sick of knowing more about me by now. BUT NONETHELESS, I SHALL THROW YOU MORE FACTS ABOUT ME.

Vital Stats

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Name: Mara
Nickname: Mars (from my cousin, and I always cringe at it), Maru (my close friends; it’s kind of a long story), Mary (close friends as well, and for some reason they think it’s cute)
Birthday: October 13, 2000
Star Sign: Libra


Hair Color: Black. Even though I’ve always wished it would at least be dark brown or something. (Planning on dip-dying it with something bluish green though.)
Hair Length: Just a few inches below my shoulder.
Eye Color: Black. When I was a kid, I also wished it would be dark-brown even though it only looks like it when my eyes are reflected with bright light.
Best Feature: People always say it’s my eyelashes?? Because it’s long and thick and my mom always says I’d never need eyeliner because of it (which sucks because eyeliner is the only make-up I actually appreciate).
Braces: None. But I’ll most probably get them sometime in the future.
Piercings: Nada. School rules.
Tattoos: Same as above. (But if I ever get a tattoo then it would most probably a song lyric or about anything bookish... like a rune. *smirks evilly*)
Right or Left Handed: Right.


Best Friend: The earliest I can remember is the one I had in fourth grade, and her nickname is Andi.
Award: I actually thought it was the loyalty award I got after graduating from grade school, but now that I’m actually thinking about it, I think it was the silver medal I got from the relay race (swimming) I participated in during the summer before I entered third grade.
Sport: Swimming :D
Real Vacation: After many many forceful attempts at proving to my dad that I really want to go to Disneyland when I was around 8 or 9, we finally had a five-day trip to Hong Kong as a family and visited Disneyland during the last three days. Apparently I have great persuasion skills.
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Concert: One Direction’s On The Road Again Tour last 2015 here in the Philippines.


Film: I’m not really a fan of films other than occasionally watching those book-to-movie adaptations and some others I have been forced brought along to watch because of my dad. But I am a fan of Disney movies. ESPECIALLY THE PRINCESS ONES. (I have yet to meet my own Flynn Rider. You know, besides the thieving part.)
TV Show: If I’m not a fan of movies, then I am 100% not a fan of watching television shows. I barely even watch TV these days (*GASP* yes, yes that is true). Unless you count anime as a television show, then I have nothing to say here. :(
Color: Blue! Any shade of blue, really. But I’m more in love with lighter shades than the darker ones. I’m also really attached to teal.
Song: Anything from Taylor Swift, 5SOS, One Direction, Fall Out Boy, or any song that fits the genres of those bands/artists.
Restaurant: Hm... Well there is this one restaurant I am totally in love with, mostly because it’s offers a buffet of desserts for a very cheap price. It’s basically my second home (first is the local bookstore).
Shop: Err, I’m not really a fan of fashion. I just take a random top and shorts and I’m mostly prepared to go outside. So... I don’t really have a favorite shop lol.
Shoes: Any kind of sneakers (though I’ve been dreaming of collecting Taylor Keds because duh, Taylor Keds).


Feeling: Exploding with feels. I JUST READ CLARK AND ANDIE’S FIRST KISS WHAT DO YOU THINK AM I FEELING?!?? (By the way, Clark and Andie are from The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson.)
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Single or Taken: Mentally taken by a lot of fictional boyfriends I have 0 chance with, realistically single and heartbroken by the thought of my “boyfriends” being fictional.
Eating: None at the moment.
Thinking About: The fantasy book I’m writing and what good conflicts it could have.
Watching: None right now because I’m literally typing this tag for you guys, but after I’m done I’ll be watching Kamisama Kiss and continue where I left off.
Wearing: A club shirt from school and shorts. Told you guys that that’s practically my go-to combination.


Children: What do you mean? Noah Czerny is already my son. AND DON’T YOU TELL ME OTHERWISE. Just kidding. I’m not really thinking about my future children at the moment.
Marriage: I shall marry a man with blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin who is 6 foot tall, can sing, and is a member of a four-man band. Oh wait that’s Luke Hemmings. And that’s basically impossible. So... um... I’m not really thinking about marriage right now even though the idea of falling in love like those in books make me swoon.
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Careers: An animator for movies like those in Disney? Who knows, maybe I’ll even work at Pixar. Or maybe a layout artist for a teen magazine in my country. Or maybe I’ll be an author. Or design book covers for a publishing house. I’m totally stuck between choosing creative writing and my love for graphic designing and I don’t think I’m going to pick my most favorite between the two anytime soon.
Where you want to live: I’ve always wanted to visit Japan and experience life there, but I’m not sure if I’d love to actually live there, since I have no idea what that would be like.

Do You Believe In...?

God: Yes.
Miracles: I’m not really a non-believer, but I’m not totally sold that it exists either. So... 50/50?
Love at first sight: Crush might be more appropriate, but I don’t think love can bloom in an instant.
Ghosts: Yes. I’ve seen supernatural occurrences in my own home so I can’t really say otherwise.
Aliens: I’d like to think that they exist.
Soul Mates: No. I don’t believe that there’s that one person who is already fated to be with you before you even meet them.
Heaven/Hell: Yes.
Kissing on the first date: I don’t really mind, as long as the atmosphere calls for it. But I’m pretty sure my parents – let alone my dad – will kill me if I let that happen (unless I’m, like, in my late 20’s already by then).
Yourself: I try to believe in myself all the time, but my brain has this annoying habit of telling me every single thing that could go wrong in a situation so usually I just... meh, go with the flow.
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I tag:
And you!

If you don’t have a blog or any place to post the tag, then feel free to share some facts about yourself on the comments below! Let’s talk about ourselves, yeah? I GRANT US PERMISSION TO BE NARCISSISTIC AT LEAST THIS ONCE.
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*Pops confetti* Congratulations, you've reached 'till the end of this post! I'm Mara, 15, and I love anything bookish and graphic designing. I also spend 90% of my life fawning over fictional boyfriends and smelling books. Thanks for hanging out at my blog! (And yes, that's me sniffing Six of Crows in our car.)

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