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4 Ways to Convince a Non-Reader to... Well, Read

If I remember correctly, I’ve mentioned in my past blog posts that I have a family full of non-readers. My mother told me she used to read like I did when she was young, but nowadays she’s too busy with work and our family to actually pick up another book again. My father also liked to read before, but now he’s the same with my mom.

Now I can’t really talk to anyone in my family about books. Like, no one. Zero. Total sadness. But I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to influence my older sister who can barely find the strength to read synopses. (Though for some reason she can read like crazy when she’s invested in a manga series.)

I’ve also tried influencing my friends at school to read – even letting them borrow some of my books (of course, I warn them not to ruin ANYTHING from the book or I’ll graciously rip their heads off cry). Some I have successfully influence, most just returned the book to me and yet still saying some of the boys there sounded quite cute (in which I flailing-ly agree).


Thus I shall share with you some of the ways you can force secretly convince people to read a book.

#1 Literally just recommend them a book

This is the first thing I always do, because hey, just simply recommending them something won’t hurt, right? You just tell the person to try this particular book out and hopefully they’ll like it. This worked for one of my friends, and the book I recommended for her was Anna and the French Kiss.

Just gotta say, she’s still head over heels over St. Clair.

#2 Send them some fanart

Sometimes you just gotta show them how handsome and beautiful the characters are before they’re convinced. Besides, all of the fanart I’ve seen are always amazing, especially those in DeviantArt.

Anyway, maybe just send them some pics of Carswell Thorne or Celaena Sardothien or something.

The upside to this is you can actually fangirl over those characters while you’re at it. Like, send them a pic and then you shriek all about them in all caps. Sometimes the shrieking might even work. And it’s good for getting all those feels out of your system while still doing your job.


#3 Fangirl about the book until they become annoyed and end up reading it

I love annoying my friends. I’m sure they love me no matter how annoying I am. (Hopefully. Love you, friends.) So yeah, one time me and my other bibliophile friend were fangirling about a book in one of our Facebook Group Chats, and the other person in that chat (who’s a non-reader) ended up being interested about the book and actually tried it out.



Of course, you should know how to properly choose the right time to annoy your non-reading friends or family. Sometimes annoying them won’t end up with, well, the expected result.

#4 Suggest them an audiobook

I personally don’t listen to audiobooks because my attention span lasts for only, like, 5 seconds. So I only rarely try to actually listen to a book, and it’s only by using the Speak feature on my iPhone as I read on my iBooks (YES I USE iBOOKS). I know that feature uses a cringe-y monotone voice, but I only use it during my rare multitasking days anyway, so I don’t mind that much.

One time I tried using the Speak feature while I was folding the laundry and wanted to read Winter by Marissa Meyer at the same time. My older sister walked in on me doing it, and was fascinated at the fact that I was actually listening instead of reading, which was, as she said, “so much better” (not for me though, sigh).

So maybe you should try suggesting some audiobooks for your friends or family who’re non-readers. It might actually help. (This, in fact, happened to Andie from The Unexpected Everything, but that’s fictional and isn’t a convincing evidence, so.)

Have you ever influenced a non-reader to read before? How did you do it? Was it successful or not so much? Are you surrounded by non-readers too??
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