Saturday, May 21, 2016

Conversations: Please Have These on Your Blog or I Will Cry

I SWEAR I AM NOT LATE THIS POST IS NOT LATE IT'S STILL SATURDAY (I basically have less than 10 minutes left before Sunday - err, in Philippine time anyway.) SO PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR BEING A BIT, WELL, LATE. (I'm technically not really late, but, you know.)

Anyway, I really wanted to join the prompt for Conversations because I love this meme. And the prompt for this Saturday is really interesting to write about, which is "What are the essential things the blogs you follow have to have?", So YAY HERE I AM. The following are the top three things I always check first whenever I visit a blog.

Check out Geraldine's or Joan's posts for more info

#1 Social Links

Most especially Bloglovin'. One of the things I automatically do whenever I visit a new blog is to check their Bloglovin' profile and follow it. Seriously. I will still follow you whether or not I've even scrolled through your latest posts. The logic here is so that I'll have fresh new blogs to visit the next time I scroll through my Bloglovin' feed, then every now and then I re-check my Following list and unsubscribe from the blogs that haven't posted for a long time.

The second social link I always go to is the blog's/blogger's Twitter account. I have a private list full of bloggers on Twitter that I scroll through at least once a week, and I always add new bloggers to that list so I can get to know them more. Although I usually don't add Twitter accounts that only tweet blog updates and almost never tweet something else (like life updates or just basically random musings), since I always love interacting more on Twitter rather than making it something like another "Bloglovin' Feed."

That being said, I always cry whenever a blog only has an email subscription available for his/her blog. BECAUSE WHY. I don't like cluttering my email with post updates, so I only rarely follow blogs using my email account. So please, if you don't give me any other way to follow your blog, I'd most probably not follow you at all.

#2 Popular Posts/Archives

Sometimes when I'm bored and feel like hanging out on a random blog, I do this weird thing where I scroll through their archives or popular posts and get lost in their blog. This happened to me once and I never left until around two hours later. Sometimes I don't comment on the posts I read, but most of the time I do (even if the post is, like, already a decade year old).

Oh, and Related Posts are effective for me too. I almost always get baited by those. THE DEVILS.

#3 Blogger's Name

I like saying the blogger's name every time I end a comment for their blog post. Like, "Interesting post, Mara!" or "Great review, Greg!" (I have no idea who Greg is but let's just use his name.) For some reason, I came accustomed to doing it almost all the time. So when a blog doesn't have the author's name ANYWHERE besides the "About Me" page, I will most definitely cry (BECAUSE I WANT TO SAY YOUR NAME OKAY I'M SORRY).

What are the things you always want to see on the blogs you follow?

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