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The Story of My (Blogging) Life

The Story of My (Blogging) Life | Mara Was Here
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I’m linking this up with Joan and Geraldine’s bimonthly meme called Conversations. This Saturday’s prompt is “What pushed you to start blogging and why do you continue to blog.” I figured this would be a great chance to finally get to tell you guys how weird I was as a kid and what kind of embarrassing things I did when I was exposed to the internet at a young age.


Let me begin my story from the time when I was twelve. (This is going to be a long one, by the way, so go to the bathroom and grab your popcorn first.)

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My Ridiculous Blogging Life Part 1.1: In Which I Was 12 And Didn't Have A Life

When I was stuck in my house with nothing to do during the summer of 2013, I roamed around Facebook, trying to see what would keep me entertained. That was when I came across this Facebook Group I totally forgot the name of. It was full of people who owned these “sites” that were filled with graphic resources such as transparent PNGs, brushes, and tutorials. Some also had PNGs of “sitemodels” (which I still only half understand even now).

So yeah, I was twelve and bored, so I got myself sucked into that world for, like, the whole summer.

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My Ridiculous Blogging Life Part 1.2: In Which I Had Terrible Naming Skills (I still do)

I still remember the very first website I discovered that’s a part of these types of “sites.” It’s called Ambizione, and the owner, Elise, was offering free subdomain hosting. I figured, Hey, owning my own website would be so cool! And it’s for free! So I submitted a form. And guess what? I GOT ACCEPTED, HOORAH.

And that was when I created my very first website called “Bluesky.”

I’m serious. It’s literally called “Bluesky.” Without a space.

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Anyway, I unluckily didn’t get to screenshot the very first face of that website of mine, so sorry about that. But I do still have the code for its second layout that I made myself:

Moving on, I eventually discovered that Sugarkiss (which was previously when I first found it) was offering free .tk hosting, so I jumped into that next and left my subdomain plan with Elise. I changed my sitename to “Prismlights” and coded a new layout for myself. I don't have the first layout saved in my old laptop anymore, but I do still have the last one and took the chance to screenshot it so you guys would have an idea on what it looked like before:

For around 4 months (or more, I can’t remember anymore), I dedicated my life in that website. I created my own free web layouts, brushes, PNGs, vectors, and so on that I updated regularly. But school kept me busy. So… eventually, I became inactive.

Of course, as I abandoned my website without telling my host, Prismlights was taken down.

That was when I continued my high school life without a website to worry about for, maybe, around 3 years.

My Ridiculous Blogging Life Part 2.1: In Which I Was Influenced By My Sister

By the time I reached fifteen and my sister finally graduated and had been working for quite a while, she told me how cool it would be if I had my own blog.

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(Oh, and I don’t think she knows I had my own self-hosted website three years back, by the way. If you only knew, sis.)

I recalled the times when I was twelve and thought about how much time it would take from my daily life again if I created another website for myself. But… well, my sister knew a few famous bloggers due to her work, and I thought about how fun it would be if I could create my own blog.

The website I had when I was twelve was completely different from the one I was imagining then. I thought of creating a blog where I would actually interact with people, because my previous website didn’t include me doing weekly posts on the homepage. It only had a chatbox on the sidebar, where small talk and comments about my blog would show up. I could also talk about the thing I love as much as graphic designing – which was reading (and books.)

So I thought about my sister’s suggestion, and figured, hey, why not.

And thus, Mara Was Here was born.

My Ridiculous Blogging Life Part 2.2: In Which I Realize The Blogging Life Ain’t So Bad After All

Seven months (plus a few days I’m too lazy to compute) later, I’m now writing this blog post to tell you guys the story of how I’ve been ridiculously influenced by the internet (and my sister) about blogging.

Personally, I definitely felt more attached to this blog more than the one I had when I was younger. This time, I can actually talk to people in the comments and discuss about one of my favorite topics. This time, I can finally share my thoughts about a book I’ve read without wondering who I could possibly rave about it to. This time, I can finally share at least some of my thoughts to people without fear.

Yep, definitely not gonna leave the book blogosphere anytime soon.

(That being said, I’m still grateful that I got to experience being self-hosted at such a young age. I got myself introduced to using cPanel and doing web layouts, as well as many other things. At least, if I ever choose to be self-hosted again – but this time with MWH – then I’ll know what to do, even a little bit. Haha.)

Do you have your own blogging story? What/who pushed you to blog? Are you laughing at my first sitename? (In that case, PLEASE STOP LAUGHING) Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you weren’t sucked into the world of blogging? Let’s talk about it below! :)
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