Saturday, April 9, 2016

Conversations: Diverse Books and the Kind that I Love the Most

Phew, it’s been a while since I did another meme post during the weekend! Recently, I’ve decided to join in on Geraldine and Joan’s new meme, Conversations. Every fortnight, they will post a question to be answered that will hopefully spark up discussions!

If you think this is extremely rad, then check out Geraldine or Joan’s posts for more information.

Today is the first ever post for this meme, with the question: “Are there any particular diverse books you read more, and why?”

I honestly don’t plan on what I’m about to read ahead of time, so I just randomly choose books I want to read next on my TBR right after I finish my previous read. Because of this, I don’t really have any particular diverse books that I read more. I just look on Goodreads, see if there’s a good book I could read next, then I read it (which is an endless cycle).

Then again, I do love books with cultural diversity in them. Reading about people living in different places really interest me. Ever since I was young, I’ve been reading countless books with American MCs in them, so you can imagine how bad I’d love to read about Chinese actually living in China (*cough Cinder cough*), or Japanese people actually living in Japan, and so on. It’s not like I have anything against white people, though! I've read tons of books with American MCs in them that I really loved. (Sorry if I ever sounded that way! I really didn’t mean it like that, I promise.)

It would also be really cool to read about books set in different countries that have been rarely written about before, such as India, or maybe even Korea. (Fantasy books are a little bit different, though, since most are set in fictional worlds entirely.) This would really interest me since I’ve never read a lot of books that are set in my own country – the Philippines – myself. (I’m planning on making a post about that sometime, by the way.)

Do you have any particular diverse books that you read more, or you love the most? Also, have you read any books that are set in your own country? Do you wish there were more published books set in it?
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