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5 Cliché Scenarios in YA Literature I’m 99.9% Sure You’ve Encountered

If you’ve been reading a lot of YA books like I am (well, I’m pretty sure you are – I mean, if you haven’t, then how on earth did you find your way here?), then you’ve most probably encountered a ton of book clichés to the point that you already know what’s going to happen in the book before it actually, like, happens.

Maybe some books don’t follow these clichés, and that’s great! If you know a title or two, then feel free to recommend me some in the comments below. But for now, I am going to amuse you with this short list of young adult clichés that’s happened in a gazillion books already.

#1 Main Character’s BFF? A witty/funny character? Makes the book happy and amusing? Yeah that dude’s gonna die.

This actually makes me cry a lot. I mean, WHY. WHY DO THE COOL PEOPLE DIE SO EARLY. I DON’T GET IT. I'm so sure authors like to emotionally torture us by killing the minor characters they know we love the most.


I was planning on making a list of a few characters that fall in this scenario, then I realized their deaths would be big spoilers for their respective books, so I’m just going to shut my mouth and cry in the corner, thank you very much.

#2 You’re the heroine’s initial boyfriend? Don’t worry, she’s pretty much gonna replace you in the next 5 chapters.

I actually laugh at this most of the time. I mean, really? You think that girl’s going to be loyal to you ‘till the end of the book? HA. Then this story would be no fun.

This scenario is for those books who start off with the heroine already having a boyfriend – or love interest – of their own, and then they go on an adventure and bla bla bla – the heroine meets a different guy, and let’s say things aren’t going to end well with the initial boyfriend’s love life. Poor guy.

Okay, I admit I’m a bit mean on this. Maybe I do feel little sad for these forgotten initial boyfriends sometimes… *looks away*

#3 People are searching for the lost princess? Look no further, I’m betting my arm it’s the heroine.

THIS. HAPPENS. SO. MANY. TIMES. They happen so much that I don’t even blame the book anymore if it adds this trope.

The only thing that bothers me is when the book makes so much fuss over this “lost princess” even though it’s so obvious that IT’S THE MAIN CHARACTER. I don’t even feel anything anymore when the big reveal finally happens. I’m just all, “PSH. I guessed that, like, a ton of chapters ago, people. Now let’s move on to the story, please.”

#4 Random person just pops out of nowhere and somehow becomes an important part of the story? I’m pretty sure that guy’s a villain.

I’ve read a few books with this scenario, so whenever I find someone who pops out of nowhere in books, I end up watching out for them a lot, because I’m pretty sure that guy’s going to make things worse by the end of the book.

Yes, no matter how amusing - OR HANDSOME - they are, and even when they become the gang’s best friend. Because betrayals also happen, people. I don’t want to get my heart broken.

#5 If the book isn’t a standalone and yet the MC is already put through hell, I don’t see a reason why he’s going to die soon

This scenario is why I’m mostly calm when a big battle happens in the first book of a duology, or a second book of a trilogy. Unless it’s the last book, surely the main character doesn’t die. I mean, then who’ll narrate the next book?! Sure, there’ll be possible injuries and all, but at least the MC doesn’t die. I can live with that.

So, can you list a few books with these clichés? Are you already crying because you remembered that cool character’s death and still haven’t moved on? Ah, don’t worry darling, I feel you. *pats back* Surely you’re not the only one.

Do you know any books without these clichés? Or do you know so many books with these clichés that I actually made you laugh? (In that case, YAY *does happy dance*) If you can relate to the above situations, then let us talk about them together on the comment section below! :)
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