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7 Signs to Know You’ve Delved Too Far Into a Fandom

One of the reasons why reading is a very dangerous hobby is how it gets you sucked into its world. Sometimes, it sucks you in too hard and you’ll find yourself stuck in a fandom you weren’t even prepared to delve into in the first place. The next thing you know, you’re already fangirling. Or fanboying. (*Eagerly waves to ‘dem rare fanboys*)

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that I’m pretty sure most of you – if not all, which is highly improbable – are fangirls or fanboys. And I think we all agree here that that life isn’t as easy as it sounds. (Heh.) Maybe even you are getting yourself involved into the business, without even realizing it.

Thus, in my attempt to make another weird list, here are 5 signs to know you’ve already stumbled upon a fandom waaaay to hard.

#1 Wikia – or Wikipedia – is your new best friend

Oh, come on. I’m pretty sure most of us have found our way in your fandom’s Wikia page at least once. Plus, sometimes, it gets addicting. Once you click on one link, the next thing you know you’ve already been in that site for hours.

#2 You’re the fandom’s walking Encyclopedia

“What’s *toot*’s name again?”, “Who’s *toot*’s best friend?”, “Where did *toot* come from?”, "Wait, I don't get it."

Basically, if someone asks a question about the book, you already have the answer for it before everybody else gets to press “search” on Google. Which is also kind of sad sometimes, if I think about it. I mean, I’ve practically memorized every family tree and species information in a book series but I’ve yet to comprehend a simple math solution.

#3 You just “can’t even”

One of the famous fandom phrases. You know the feels got you too hard when you “just can’t even.”

#4 Your keyboard is broken. Or loose. Or just simply overused.

Because you can’t help but just dab on random letters when your feels are extreme. I mean, HOW ELSE DO YOU EXPECT US TO EXPRES OURSELVES?! Asdfghjkl is our universal language, basically.

#5 You constantly get lost on Tumblr

This one actually depends on whether the tag you’re looking for is fandom-related or not. Either way, I’m pretty sure nobody’s ever hung out at Tumblr without leaving for 10 hours, even when you don’t have an account. THE WEBSITE IS JUST THAT ADDICTING. Also, have you seen those fan arts? Aesthetics? GIFs? I could stare at those all day.

#6 You freak out at any fandom reference

Saw that symbol thing that’s mentioned in the book you read? Or a one-liner from one of your favorite characters? Or maybe you saw your fictional crush’s name on that Coke bottle when the drink still had those random names on their containers and you just can’t help but buy that bottle because it has his/her name on it (not that I've done this).

In short, whatever reference you find on Earth that relates to your fandom, you can’t help but get your hands on it. JUST BECAUSE.

#7 You can’t stop talking about it

Oh, come on. Everybody knows you’re attached to it already, no matter how much you deny it. I mean, you’ve been talking about the thing for WEEKS. Your friends are tired of hearing your OTP’s names. Your parents already know the cliffhanger after the many times you’ve ranted over it at home. The whole world is tired of hearing your kangaroo shriekis. How can that honestly mean you’re not addicted? Duh.

Have you been sucked into the deadly vortex called a fandom yourself? Have you ever regretted it? Yes? No? Share your thoughts about intense fangirling/fanboying below!
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