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5 Things My Family Often Tells Me (Because I’m A Bookworm)

I’ve been getting a lot of comments from my family (my mom and older sister, specifically – love you, dad) lately about my reading habits. I mean, I honestly don’t think anything’s wrong with it. Maybe there’s something they’re seeing that I don’t see. But hey, I still try to understand them nonetheless, since I’m the only one who loves to read in the family. Maybe they just don’t understand… or something.

Not that that’s what a bookworm would say.

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“When are you ever going to leave the house?”

Ah, this one’s already a given. I’m pretty sure almost all of us (if not all) have been a victim to this comment. In which I reply:

I mean, can’t you see there are people outside? They’re dangerous! They can walk, they can talk, and sometimes you even need to socialize with them. Plus, 98% of them are strangers. What if they’re hoodlums or something. Or kidnappers. WHAT’S MORE TERRIFYING THAN THAT?! At least books are harmless... until you get to know their true nature.

“You’ve finished the book already?”

I’ve been getting this comment ever since I was a kid, honestly. My family also thinks I don’t really understand anything I read most of the time – WHICH IS SO NOT TRUE. (Well, I tend to forget the plot right after I continue onto a different book, BUT STILL.)

I’m actually going to explain myself here and say that I’ve read a gazillion books in my lifetime and you can’t honestly expect me to remember everything about them without taking a peek from their Wikia page or something. I mean, do you remember anything that happened from the book you read four years ago?

“Can’t you just go to the bookstore some other time?”

I don’t understand why my mom and sister can spend hours shopping at the mall while I’m just sitting there at the corner reading a book on my phone. (I actually think those seats they provide at shopping malls are for people like me. In which case, thank you, shop owners.) And then, when I ask them if I can hang out at the bookstore for a while they’d be like, “Can’t you go some other time?” or “Do you even have money to buy at least one?” or “Books? AGAIN??”


“Who are you chatting with? Is that your boyfri— oh, you’re reading a book”

I admit I actually love doing this. This doesn’t even apply to only my family. I’ve been talking about this kind of situation to others lately and I just... It’s cool, okay?

Imagine me in some party or family gathering or something and I’d be so engrossed on my phone and other people notice me and tell to my parents, “Wow, your daughter loves her phone a lot. She probably has a lot of friends?”

In which I be all: “Ha.”

One, big, “HA.”

Fooled ‘ya.

"Have you ever thought of getting a break from reading?”


You just don’t ask me to stop reading a book. It’s like asking me to have a dull life.

Of course, there might be a time when I’ll have a book slump and my family would most probably be so happy about it and throw parties and even open confetti’s for it. But nope, I will never stop reading. Not until a book gives me a reading slump and I basically wonder what I will ever do with my life and stare at nothing all day.

In which I might also add: Family, please don’t make me read a book that will actually put me in a reading slump. Love you.

Has your family ever given you side comments because of anything bookish that you do? Let’s talk about them below!
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