Thursday, March 10, 2016

Having Incomplete Series Collections

I know, I know… *GASP* YOU HAVE INCOMPLETE SERIES COLLECTIONS?!? Honestly, I could react the same with you if I could, but I’ve already accepted the horrid truth weeks ago (yes, only weeks ago, because The Infernal Devices was the last straw for me).

You see, I always make myself complete a series because it looks so pretty that way (obviously). But that doesn't mean it's easy. The moment I lost the will to buy Clockwork Princess just to complete my collection of its old edition, I was all, Oh, screw it.

There are various reasons as to why I'd rather not complete a series I own in paperback.

I've already read the book

This is the case for me on Clockwork Princess. I already had books one and two, and the moment I finished Clockwork Prince, I wanted to go straight to Clockwork Princess immediately. Like seriously, WHO WOULDN'T?!

The problem was, I didn't have Clockwork Princess yet. I was trying to stop myself from the urge to just get the ebook rather than wait for the weekend to go to a bookstore and buy the book (plus, I still didn't have enough money for it, so I'd have to wait at least two weeks for that). Unfortunately, I didn't stop myself enough.

In the end, I got the ebook. And I loved Clockwork Princess - I really did. The problem was, when I finished the book, I didn't know if I wanted to buy the paperback edition anymore.

Which brings me to reason #2.

But I could have bought another book with that!

With the same scenario as the one above, when I buy a book I've already read and see other books on the shelves in a store, I get tempted. Like, really, really tempted.

I mean, just think: The book that can complete your collection but you've already read, or that newly-released book everybody's been raving on and on about and you've been reaaaaally tempted to read as well?

I think we all know what I'd pick right there.

I've lost the will to buy it

It usually takes me two weeks until I can buy a book I've earned for. The problem is, during those two weeks, I've most probably (a) seen other interesting books I'd rather buy or (b) the will to buy that book just... eventually faded away.

And by the time I've arrived at the bookstore with that hard-earned money, I find myself buying a different book instead. SIGH. (This mostly happens when I, again, have already read the book I was planning to buy.)

In the end, I admit I just got the idea of writing this discussion post right after I was struggling to buy-or-not-to-buy Clockwork Princess (oh, and I ended up with the decision of not buying it at all - I just bought Lady Midnight instead.) I just wanted to know if there are other people who share the same problem as mine. Like, the thought of my incomplete TID collection just makes me cringe! *actually cringes*

Do you have a series collection of your own that you still haven't completed? Are you still planning on completing it? Am I the only one experiencing this pain?!?

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