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10 Things I’d Ask a Genie for as a Bookworm

Let’s face it: we’ve all wished for something impossible after reading all those books we have in our bookshelves/e-readers. We know it won’t come true anyway, but we just wish a genie would magically appear and make them come true.

What? You’ve never wished for anything at all? HAH. Don’t fool me. Admit it. I know you do. Because I do, too. Just kidding. It’s not like I’m forcing any of you to have them.

Hence, I decided to list a few of the things I wish I had as a bookworm (if only I had a legit genie lamp to make them come true), which can be laughed at read below.

#1 I wish there’re more than 24 hours in a day

I know we all have a still-growing pile of TBR books, and I also know 40% (or more; I’m just guessing statistics here) of those books are already a century years old. I’m pretty sure all of us booklovers wish we had all the time in the world – and more – to finish those books. BECAUSE THEY’RE BOOKS.

Plus, in my case, I always fidget whenever I remember the many books I still need to read after finishing a new one. Ugh. If only.

#2 I wish I had unlimited book money

100% of bookworms agree to this statement (again, randomized statistic right there). Still though, if I had all the money in the world, I’d most probably spend them on books. And concert tickets. And all the desserts in the world. But still, books.

#3 I wish books were free

Following up #2, if I didn’t have all the money in the world, then I wish books were free, at least. Or there would at least be one day in a year called Book Appreciation Day or something and all bookstores would have a huge HUGE sale that day. (Or sell their books for free, even. I won’t be complaining about that.)


#4 I wish I had an extreme binge-reading superpower

This one is somewhat related to #1. I know there can’t really be more than 24 hours in a day, so I’m hoping I at least have this power to binge-read all dem books. Because I’m still fidgeting here thinking about my TBR pile. Like, really. I WANT TO READ THEM NOW.

Of course, if I had an extreme binge-reading superpower, i also wish it would come with an extreme reading comprehension skill as well. I can’t possibly accept finishing a book so fast then end up not understanding anything I read at all!

#5 I wish I had the power to make characters come to life

So I can date handsome bookish boyfriends all day. Come on, it would be SO COOL. Tris and I being BFFs? Izzy and I being a fabulous butt-kicking duo? Annabeth and I roaming the world together? JEM AND I DATING??!

#6 I wish I could magically transport myself into different book worlds

Like #5, this would be EVEN COOLER. Just imagine yourself playing Quidditch in Hogwarts or roaming around Ketterdam and meeting Kaz? (Which would probably be dangerous, considering the people living around Ketterdam, but still.)

#7 I wish I had those magical/supernatural powers in general

I’d choose to have warlock powers any day. Or be a wizard. Or a Shadowhunter. Or every single one of them, to be honest.

#8 I wish I had resizable bookshelves

Which is my current problem, actually. I’ve been buying tons of books lately and I don’t even know where to put them. I’ve been re-arranging my bookshelves for two days just to make space BUT IT’S JUST NOT GIVING ME MORE SPACE.

#9 I wish we had a local library near our place

Which is also one of my current problems, again. If you’ve been reading my previous posts (or have read some of my comments I other blogs), you’re probably already aware of how badly I wish we had a local library near our place. I’ve asked my parents if we had ones like those in other countries (especially in the West), but we unfortunately don’t. So all I have is my school library, which sucks because it always has old releases and rarely updates their collection of YA books, which also means I’ve already read 98% of their books.


#10 I wish I reading was a job

Of course, I wouldn’t wish for it to be a job job, where it would keep me busy all day and stress me out. But if I had salary paid to me every time I finish a book, I’d probably be rich by now.

Have you ever wished at least one of these to happen yourself, or do you have others you’ve wished that are not listed above? Feel free to share them below!
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