Thursday, February 25, 2016

Do Real-Life People Know About Your Blog?

Have you ever told your family or friends about your blog?

I haven’t. In all honesty, I’ve considered it for the past few weeks. It would be nice to talk to my friends about my blog and what I do – especially how fun it is. I might even convince them to make one, too. I’m sure my other bibliophile friends would consider it. But there’s this feeling about other people I know finding out about my blog and having the freedom to visit it anytime is just... scary.

I’m also pretty sure my mom will stalk this blog every single day

My mom has always been a great supporter of mine with whatever I do. When she first found out that I had a blog (because my wonderful sister “accidentally” talked about it), she was ecstatic. She wanted to know the URL immediately. This, of course, gave me the frights.

But why wouldn't I want to tell her?

Mara Was Here has been a safe haven for me ever since I brought it back to life last September. It’s where I talk about anything I want to talk about, without being afraid of talking about it (well, mostly). I love the feeling of freedom that comes with every topic that I write about. And I’m pretty sure that when a lot of people I know finds out about this blog (because I’m pretty sure my mom will tell it to everyone she knows), I’ll end up being anxious and self-conscious about whatever I post (even more than thinking what other people in the internet – who I don’t know – will think about them). I’ll end up thinking, “What if they think this is too childish? Or that it’s very weird and uncommon? What if they’ll end up talking about me behind their backs because this blog isn’t what they thought it would be? What if this doesn’t live up to their expectations?”

So you see, there’s a different impact for me when people I know in real life find out my blog and when random people on the internet do. I become more self-conscious. I question myself more. I end up doing my best to prove to people that this blog is actually really cool and interesting to the point that I don’t even have fun doing it anymore.

This blog is a place for me to be myself without feeling afraid of actually being myself.

How about you? Do people you know in real life know about your blog – or Goodreads account or fan account on Twitter or any other place you share your more personal thoughts to?
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