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Spotlight on What's Happening in My Life Right Now

These past few months, I’ve mostly been publishing review and discussion posts. It’s simply the weekly blogging schedule I’ve stuck with, and so far I haven’t had any problems with it. However, I do feel like I should share about things in my life – mainly in school – rather than just talking about books and other bookish topics. Not that I’m narcissistic or whatever, I just thought you guys might want to know what happens in my life behind the computer. Not like I spend a lot of my time not facing any type of gadget.


This is one of the biggest things I’m currently stressed about in school. This happens every year on the first day of Intramurals – each class on every grade are required to join the Cheerdance contest and make a choreography for a song or a remix that’s usually 5 minutes long.

This year, our teacher thought it’d be a great idea to make things even stricter: Strict 5-minute song length, step requirements, a minimum of 15 performers from each class, and more. It’s honestly really stressful. I’d rather do educational stuff than rack my brain on a choreo that doesn’t even have anything to do with my future dream job. Plus, we’re only given one and a half weeks to prepare. Cool, right?

Side Note: We have this three-day event in school called “Intramurals” where each class in every high school level gets to play a sport against one other such as volleyball, basketball, badminton, and the like.

Another side note: Our school works differently than the ones in the West: In every grade level, we are assigned to one class for the whole school year and the teachers are the ones who walk in and out of our class to teach. Classrooms are usually 4-5 for every grade level, with 34-41 students each.


Since I’ve already brought up the topic of Intramurals, I’d like to point out that I’ve been included in the list of Volleyball players for our class. Apparently my classmates think I’m really good with the sport since I’m pretty tall (good thing they didn’t add me to basketball) when in truth, I’m only really good at receiving. Serving isn’t really my forte. I always cringe whenever I try to hit that ball and it never goes over the net... *hides in Neverland*

Entrepreneur Week

Another one of our school’s major events that happens every year. Entrepreneur Week is the week where each class from every high school level are required to sell stuff in school depending on what grade you’re in. For example, seventh graders will be selling souvenirs, eighth graders drinks, ninth graders desserts, and so on and so forth. It’s also a good reason to skip a class you don’t like, so I’m really looking forward to this event. (HA, Math!)

Our class will be selling desserts, and we picked this one dish that I don’t really understand (please take pity on my inability to cook and lack of interest to the art) but will be selling anyway. I think it’s quite delicious though.

Major Class Project

We have this very strict teacher in our Filipino class whom no one can talk back to. She’s pretty terrifying when angry, if I say so myself. So when she’s declared that we’ll be having a major project in her class, we didn’t have any choice but to agree and not ask any stupid questions.

This project, however, is quite stressful. It’s actually divided into two: A group project and another one where we’ll be portraying as a character from Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere. I’ll be acting as Victorina de Espadaña with one of my friends who will be portraying Donya Consolacion. Basically I’m this very annoying woman who wears thick make-up and tries to speak a language I’m really terrible at imitating. I will also be sharing slaps, fights and cool retorts to my friend in the process, which is quite cool. I’ll basically act as an annoying b██, but I ain’t complainin’.

I have no idea how I’ll be balancing book blogging and school with such a busy schedule, but hopefully I can cope with it. I WON’T GO ON A HIATUS. I think. I hope. BUT I DON’T WANT TO.

What are the things happening in your life right now? Are you busy? Bored? Really stressed? Feel free to talk on the comments below!
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