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6 Book Habits I Do Every Single Time

We surely have our own urges when reading a book. May it be before or while reading one. I, for one, am honest about it. I have these little habits I do before I actually start reading the pages, or whenever I read a line and end up remembering a song.

I’m most probably a weirdo for admitting these things, but hey, I’ll do it for the sake of something to publish for this blog (because I love you guys).

I smell before I read

This is probably the most common thing I do whenever I buy a new book – I smell it. Yes, smell. I literally inhale the book’s pride and glory. And no, I don’t think it’s embarrassing.

And also – no, not all books smell the same. Some also make me sneeze and not want to smell them again, but the fresh ones are always awesome. It’s just... sighs.

When I read song lyrics, it gets stuck in my head

This happens all the time with any song I know. For example, a character asks another character in a book with exactly these words: “What do you mean?” And Justin Bieber ends up getting stuck inside my head for God-knows-how-long. This honestly happened to me recently with Six of Crows. Thanks, Leigh Bardugo.

I read the ending

Like I said, I love spoilers. Whenever I buy a new book, I skip everything and read the last few paragraphs. I don’t even know why. Maybe it’s because it makes me want to finish the book? Because the suspense from the last few lines make me giddy?

I don’t do this whenever I read on an ebook though, which is sad because I read Illuminae on my phone and didn’t even think of peeking at the ending (which is basically a dead giveaway for one of the plot twists). (Which is also unfair because my friend read it with her own physical copy and saw the ending before starting the book, which basically gave her an idea of what might happen and lessened the suspense for her.) (I wish I could have told her not to peek...)

I Goodreads it

Sometimes, I become to giddy over a book and end up searching it on Goodreads and read almost all of the reviews before I even get to read it for myself. This also makes me even more excited to get stated with the book, so this habit of mine is probably a good thing.

I bring it everywhere

If I really love the book, I bring it everywhere. In our car, at school, in our house, on my bed, at a cousin’s house, everywhere. It’s just... I don’t know. The thought of letting go of it makes me feel like I’m leaving it in a jungle and making it vulnerable to lions and venomous snakes and whatnot (i.e.: page folding and accidental throwing by random people. You don’t even know how many times this has happened to me. I’ve learned my lesson.)

I savor the artwork

I love anything that’s art – digital covers, drawings, paintings, and the like. It’s not something I really, really love (unless it’s digital art), though I love looking at it when it’s there. So when a book has map illustrations or a really beautiful book cover, I end up staring at it for a long time. Like, 10 minutes or so. And then look at it again after finishing every other chapter. It’s honestly quite addicting.

Have you got your own book habits you’d like to share? (Please tell me I’m not the only one who brings their book everywhere.)

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