Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas! Here are Three Things I Love About this Occasion

Hey there! It’s only a few more hours ‘till Christmas is here, and I can’t wait to celebrate it! It’s the only occasion I actually wait for every year (besides my birthday), and I have a few reasons why.

Gifts! Books! Money (For Books)!

Whenever we visit our grandparents’ house, I usually receive money as gifts from them. This is cool because I can buy whatever book I want. My parents also know what gifts to buy me every year – which is, of course, books! Sometimes they’d ask me what I want for Christmas, and I’d tell them the title and the author of the book I’m dying for, then poof, I’d get it under our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

But wait, don’t you like having surprise gifts, Mara? Nah, not really. Though I do love surprises, I usually take advantage of occasions to ask for books I want *evil laughter*.

Celebrating it with my family

And not just me-my-sister-and-my-parents family. I mean me-my-parents-my-grandparents-aunts-uncles-cousins-and-sister family. Yep. We celebrate Christmas visiting the house of my grandparents, playing games and opening gifts, as well as taking a family photo. We barely meet each other during the rest of the year, so this tradition of ours is a really good thing to bring us together at least once a year.

Christmas Lights

It’s practically a given in the Philippines (and other countries out there) to decorate our houses with Christmas lights, even before December! It’s pretty amazing to see how much some people actually work hard to design their houses with beautiful lights. I always love passing by them whenever my family drives somewhere.

What do you like about Christmas? What are your plans? The things you're hoping to receive? Feel free to share them in the comments below!
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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS MARA <3 I love receiving money as well! (I'm not greedy with money; I just love receiving them so I can buy more books, like you said.) :P And AHH Christmas lights and pretty views with family and friends are always the best. Enjoy the break :)


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