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How I Balance School and Blogging

It was school season when I decided to revive Mara Was Here back in September. I knew I was taking the risk of making myself even busier than I already was, what with tons of homework to do and lessons to study as a ninth grader. But my sister kept on forcing encouraging me to make a blog out of nowhere, and just to make her stop, I did.

At first, I was honestly close to the decision of taking the blog down again. Maybe just make another one once summer vacation starts. But I didn’t want to do my on-again-off-again blogging routine for God-knows-how-many times in my 15 years in existence, so I kept going.

Eventually, I found out my weekly schedule for keeping my blog alive after weeks of not giving up. And if you're a student who's also having the same struggle like I did, then this list might help you survive school and blogging. Because I wouldn't want you to sacrifice either one. See how motherly I was right there.

Note down random post ideas

Whenever I'm in school or somewhere else with my family, I tend to brainstorm blog post ideas out of nowhere. This is when my Notes app comes in handy. I make sure to remember these ideas by immediately adding it on my notes before I forget. Then, when I have time, I check back on them and try writing them to see if it suits the blog.

Write when you can

If you've got blog post ideas pending on your notes and you've got free time to spare, use it to write those ideas and make them a real thing. Who knows, it might save you the stress in the future. I usually binge-write during weekends and proofread them whenever I can, and then I schedule them. Which also brings me to...

Schedule your posts

This is VERY IMPORTANT. Whenever I finish writing a blog post, I don't publish them immediately. I schedule them according to how I consistently publish my posts. This is quite helpful so I'd have more time to brainstorm more ideas for the next time I won't have anything else to share to my readers.

One of the things I've also learned is to publish at least one to two posts per day. And if I'm posting two, it's most probably a meme and a discussion post/book review.

Don't publish all your lovely works immediately. Scheduling is the key.

Planners are your new best friend

I've never tried planners until I started blogging, and I didn't know it would help me loads when I did.

The thing about using planners is that I can see how active I can be on my blog. I can organize when I publish my future posts and find out the most comfortable weekly schedule for me. Without my planner, I'll never know that I can actually manage to publish two posts per week (usually Tuesdays and Thursdays), and keep the blog active with the rest of the memes I participate in on Fridays and Saturdays (which is, so far, Feature & Follow Friday and the Book Blogger Hop). So give a planner a try if you haven't yet. It might save you at least 5% of your stress.

But if you don't want to waste money on a planner, then use a free app

I started using the free app, Handle, a few months ago, and I've loved it ever since. I even use it more than Google Calendar. It's a to-do list with a calendar feature that can show me posts I plan on publishing each day of the month. I also use this for ARC and homework deadlines. It provides color-coding which I use to let me know if my to-do is for my blog or for school, which is really useful. It's available on both Android and iOS.

If you'll really be busy, inform your readers

If all else fails and you really can't be active on your blog, tell your readers. Don't leave them! They love you, so you should love them too. If life really gets tough and you have no choice but to go on hiatus for a few weeks or so, then tell your readers. Don't make them expect for a new post that will never come. :(
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  1. I find it so difficult sometimes, trying to balance blogging and school! But there are some great tips here, Mara - I really need to start making more effective use of my planner! :-)

    1. I sometimes find myself in a pinch from time to time, too. But ever since I got a planner, I've already scheduled my posts for the half of December, which is really convenient. :)


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