Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ciao 2015! I'm Welcoming 2016 with Open Arms

Only one more day ‘till 2016, and I’m so excited! After days and days of squirming and asking my alter ego “Can I post this now?!”, I can finally tell you guys what I’ll be planning for the upcoming year. (Hopefully I can follow these throughout 2016. You all know how much I like end up abandoning plans.)

Things I plan for 2016

  • New blog design! I’m currently making a new blog design for Mara Was Here. It’s a bit more simple than this one, but hopefully it can go live sometime before January ends, or maybe on the day of MWH's first Blogoversary! If all else fails and I still can’t make it look like I want it to, then I’ll probably have to scourge through Google for another free Blogger template

  • ARCs! I’ve decided to try out asking for ARCs this 2016. I’ll be signing up for NetGalley (and maybe Edelweiss too) in a few weeks, and hopefully everything goes well! Let’s see if I’ll grow accustomed to reading these.☺️
  • Graphics! I’ve been thinking of creating bookish edits for you guys to use as bookmarks, phone wallpapers, posters, anything! They will, of course, be free since I’ll just be starting out. If they end up being successful though, maybe I can even make it into a business!
  • More Advice! I’ve come to like writing advice for you guys, so I’ll most probably post more of those this upcoming year. It could be about blogging, school, reading, writing – anything at all that I can think of! ☺️
  • More Discussions! If you've read one of my previous posts, you'll know that I've joined the Book Blog Discussion Challenge this 2016. I'm really excited to participate in the said challenge, since I'd like to talk to you guys more about topics I'm very familiar (or not familiar) with.

Books I plan on reading this 2016

No, no, I don’t mean 2016 books. We all know what happened to my last monthly TBR. *cringes* But, I do have backlist books in mind that I plan on reading this 2016 (because I’m an old lady who does my best to gobble up all those old releases before the new ones come and give me pain.) These lovely children of mine (books are my children, don’t argue with me) can be found below:

I’m pretty curious about the life of the evil Queen Levana, which is why I'm really excited to read this book. I have a feeling it'll be a bit dark and mysterious. Hopefully I’ll get to read more about her background story and how she became the person she was in Cinder.

The summary just sounds really good! I like being drawn into books by summaries more than the book cover, and this one made me want to read it from both (Did you see that book cover? AIN’T IT SO PRETTY), so I really hope The Game of Love And Death will be a good one for me.

Another Sci-Fi book! Illuminae got me well, so now I’m practically venturing into the world of Fantasy/Sci-Fi right now. I found out that one of the authors – Amie Kaufman – wrote this series, and the summary looked quite promising (as well as those pretty book covers), so I'm hoping I’ll love this as much as I did with Illuminae.

This book has been all over Goodreads and other online bookstores before (and I think it still is) because of the award it got. I also read a few good reviews from this book, plus I found out that it has an unreliable narrator. Basically, I love a good mystery from those types of narration, so I'm really looking forward on trying this book out (I might even buy a physical copy of this).

One of my bibliophile friends made me want to read this one, and she definitely succeeded! I heard this book has gore, which I (kind of) love, so it basically made me even more excited to read it.

Top 3 books I loved this year 

Here are the books I’ve digested that I 100% didn’t regret eating.

Posts YOU guys loved this 2015 

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What were your own highlights this 2015? Have you got any resolutions for next year yourself? 
Don't hesitate to share them below!

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  1. Happy new year, Mara! Woo looking forward to your new blog design in 2016, though :P If you need any help with designing, I can always lend a hand. Just let me know! And also, I am looking forward to reading The Game of Love and Death as well; it looks so intriguing! Here's to 2016 :)

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

    1. Thanks! I'll keep that in mind. I might have a few coding questions while I'm in the middle of doing the new layout!

      Also hoping we'll both like The Game Of Love And Death. :)

  2. OOH a new blog design, how exciting. Also, all those books you want to read are amazing - 10/10 would recommend :) I still need to read Carry On, just looks so big O_O Although considering I just read Winter, I'm not sure what I'm complaining about.

    1. I think Carry On is a shorter read than Winter, so you might not have a problem of finishing it early, don't worry. xD (I finished Carry On within a week while Winter took me two weeks lol.) I hope you enjoy reading Carry On!


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