Sunday, November 8, 2015

In Which I Make My Dress-Up Dreams Come True

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I'm still busy finishing Patrick Ness' The Rest Of Us Just Live Here, so my next book review probably won't be out until Wednesday. That's why, for today, I decided to make this fun post where I could use my imagination and fashion sense (believe me, I have one, even just a little bit) to tell you guys how I'd dress up some of my favorite characters with what I want them to wear. (I didn't do this because I didn't have dress-up dolls at home when I was a kid and wanted to do so online.)

All right, let's get this dress-up party started! (I'm sorry you can kill me now)

1. Anna from Anna And The French Kiss

(source) I've always been in love with St. Clair Anna and the French Kiss ever since I finished reading it. I love how the couple in the story revolve in the "tall girl, short boy" situation (I probably like it because I'm taller than the average boys my age in school, but still). I also like Anna's gap tooth and bleached hair, which is totally different from the normal girl MC's out there.

Now, for the outfit:
- Black, long-sleeved shirt with maybe a band logo
  design or statement at the center
- Black nails
- Dark brown jeans
- Grey sneakers (Yes I just made her emo)

2. Cather from Fangirl

(source) I loved reading Fangirl because I am one, though I feel like Cather's still in the average stage of joining the deadly universe of fangirling. I'd welcome her to the squad any time, though.

- Yellow sweatshirt
- Blue-and-white stripes underneath
- Dark blue jeans
- dark brown loafers

3. Margo from Paper Towns

(source) The main thing I loved about Paper Towns is Margo's mysterious life. I love how independent and powerful she feels, especially as a girl. She goes anywhere she wants, whenever she wants. Margo's so unpredictable that I love it. Maybe it's because I'm at the teenage stage of loving rebellious things, but hey - she's still cool, isn't she?

- Thick, black sweater
- Faded blue beanie
- Black jeans
- Black and white sneakers
- Black bracelets and/or watch of any kind

Cather, Anna and Margo aren't my favorite characters of all time - they're just three of the people from my very long list. I gotta say though, picking only three of my favorite people was really hard for me.

If you're also wondering about why I gave them all jeans, it's because I've recently been addicted to Levis jeans for a while now, especially this winter - or, since I live in the Philippines - cold season. It works for any type of clothes I usually wear, plus it's comfortable. One of my favorite jeans brands is Levis and it's now available online at Zalora Philippines, where I can buy them online (from home!) and get it delivered to me. What could be more convenient than that for a lazy-ass like me? Lol.

How about you? Do you have anyone from the books you've read that you'd want to dress up for yourself? Feel free to comment below!

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