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Down The Wormhole: All-New Mythology Book With Lots of Potential

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TITLE: Down The Wormhole
AUTHOR: Ana Franco

GENRE: YA Fantasy, Mythology, Romance
PUBLISHING DATE: September 21, 2015 (Smashwords)
DATE FINISHED: November 5, 2015

Medusa is a nice girl, Aphrodite is empowering, Loki vanished on thin air, Isis doesn’t have a memory and Anubis is the only sane one. Join them all in an adventure that mixes the styles of ABC’s Once Upon A Time and Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson. What this can possibly mean? Why, chaos, of course!

I have been asked to give this book an honest review by the author.


The first time I bought Down The Wormhole off iBooks (it’s free), I was extremely excited to read it because I haven’t read any good mythology books for a while. I was even more giddy to know that Norse, Greek and Egyptian myth characters are included in the book (I mean, who could pull that off?). However, I can’t help but feel a little bit disappointed after finishing the story.

First off, the characters. I have been very patient over Kitty throughout the whole book, but I just can’t help but hate her. She has this habit of twirling her hair at the start of the story. Then right at the middle, Gin is the one doing the twirling. I mean, what’s with her hair? Her stubbornness (and sometimes bipolar-like self) doesn’t appeal to me, either. It just annoys me.

However, I didn’t have any problems with the other characters. I even liked Natalie, and Anna’s remarks amuse me from time to time as well. It’s only Kitty who gave me the headaches.

Second, the grammar. I’m an extreme grammar nazi (even I hate myself whenever I make grammatical mistakes). So when I buy and read a book, I expect it to be properly proofread. I make exceptions with drafts and ARCs. However, I bought the book over iBooks—it’s already published. And it still has grammatical errors. Like, a lot of them. Here are a few examples:

“Something that would make Atlantis sounds like a child’s play.”

“Gin straitened his posture. He scratched his neck, looking away—it was a complicate matter to explain to Set, and it was not one he wished to explain, really.”

“They smiled again to each other again.”

“She tapped her feet against the floor patience-less-ly.” (The author could have just said “with less patience” or something along those lines.)

Third, confusing plot holes.  I was also quite frustrated as to how Kitty accepted Natalie and the others’ world so easily. Like, why aren’t you surprised that these people exist? Why not ask them questions? Why not be confused, at least?

Also, the way Kitty and Gin left the barn so easily after being taking hostage is just... I can’t. It’s like they were literally taken there to make a baby—which is probably the actual reason, but still. The door wasn’t even locked. Why would sometime take people as a hostage and not lock the door.

The time when Kitty actually found out that she’s Isis didn’t even confuse her either. She just accepted it like it’s the most normal thing in the world. I didn’t even get to see how she felt having Andrew as a brother.

The part where Sif also found an apple by the still-a-statue Anna and somehow already knew she was supposed to squeeze it above Anna’s head confused me as well. How did she knew she was supposed to squeeze it there, when the only thing the note said was “Squeeze Me.”

Oh, and I’d like to add the fact that nobody except for Andrew didn't even feel surprised that Natalie was bleeding when Kitty and Gin found them stuck at the barn, as well as nobody even felt happy that she lived. Like, could Kitty really care less for her friend? Does she really hate Natalie that much?

Down The Wormhole could have been a very good book, if only it was proofread and more thoroughly thought of. I admit I could have stopped reading the book halfway through, but I wanted to finish it because I wanted to know what happens to the story. Unfortunately though, I might not be reading its second book.

Overall, I give this book a 2.5.
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