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Top 3 Things That Make Me Want to Buy a Book

I admit that I’m a bookworm, but as a girl that doesn’t earn money 24/7, I’m always picky about buying my books. I don’t want to waste it on a book that I’d just put on my DNF shelf. I want to waste my money on one that I’d love forever (well, maybe not forever, but still).

(Well, all right – there were still times where I thought I’d like the book once I bought it, but end up getting mixed feelings about it. But at least I had the guts to finish ‘till the end.)

So I decided to make this list of things that makes me want to buy a book. This might also help authors figure out what readers like me find in a book before actually reading them. So if you’re an author, you might want to check out this post (*wink wink*).

#1 Yes, they need to have nice covers

No matter what people say about never judging a book by its cover, it is still an inevitable truth that people’s eyes will catch a book’s interest if its book cover is amazing. Your cover shouldn’t look like a photo and a title was slammed into the book for a sake of having a cover for your book. The text should be clearly visible and in the right position of the photo. The photo, as well, should be simple or colorful depending on the feel of your book.

Personally, if I find a book with a nice cover design, I check it out immediately. I grab it from the shelf and read its synopsis. Which brings me to number 2...

#2 Has a decent synopsis

Once I drag a book off its shelf, I turn it on its back and read the synopsis. I always feel frustrated when the only thing I can read at the back of the book are reviews from Kirkus or New York Times or John Green or any other famous reviewers or authors out there. I didn’t check the back of your book to see how much people liked them. I came to read what your book is all about. Because sometimes, I tend to have different opinions than other reviewers out there.

So make sure your synopsis is gripping and interesting, not just a “Hi I’m Patricia and I’m 16. I have this bully named Patrick and I think he likes me. I think I like him too.” kind of sh*t. Because if it is, I’m definitely placing it back on its shelf at the bookstore.

#3 But it should still have good reviews

When a book has a nice synopsis but a terrible book cover, or a synopsis that’s a bit interesting but makes me doubt if it really is good or not, I go to Goodreads immediately. I open the app on my phone and skim the reviews. I usually check out the low ratings first, so I’d know the bad parts I should expect in the book. I’m not sure why, but I somehow trust reviewers from Goodreads more than Kirkus and such. *hugs everyone from the Goodreads community*

How about you? Do you quite agree with me with at least one of these things? Or do you have other things you do before actually buying a book at a bookstore? Leave a comment below!
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  1. Yeah, I would say I'm pretty much the same way. I don't really have a steady income so I usually go to the library and reserve my money for books I know I will love or books that are getting so much good hype on Goodreads, like you mentioned. Like I went out and bought Illuminae a week ago just because everyone was raving out it so much :P

    1. You're even lucky enough to have a good library near you. We don't have those in our country unless I borrow from my school. :(

      I've been hearing all the rave about Illuminae, too! It's in my TBR list, so I hope I'll like it as much as the others do.


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