Tuesday, November 17, 2015

10 Book Taboos You Should NEVER Do!

Hello, fellow bookworms. As a girl that has serious issues with ruining my bought books, I have listed below 10 book commandments that I shall never commit (though I may or may not have already committed them a long time ago).

The 10 Book Commandments

1. Thou shall not tear any page
Are you crazy? You just spent money on that thing. Why would you rip it apart?

2. Thou shall not fold ANY page
Never. Even if you want to remember a page. Just put the page number on your phone’s notes or something. DON’T YOU EVER FOLD ANYTHING.

3. Thou shall not highlight any page
Add it on Goodreads instead or something. Please.

4. Thou shall not add pencil marks on any page
If you do, make sure it’s easily erasable.

5. Thou shall not throw it anywhere
Unless it’s really terrible or filled with feels.

6. Thou shall not leave it hanging around everywhere
Put it on a proper bookshelf. Give your book proper care, please.

7. Thou shall not use it as a hard surface to write on
Do you seriously want your weekly grocery list to be embossed on your book’s cover?

8. Thou shall not place it near liquids
Please, oh God.

9.  Thou shall not let people you don’t trust to borrow it
God knows what it’ll look like by the time you get it again.

10. Thou shall not forget it forever
Love your book. Find time to re-read it after a few years.

Do you have your own list book commandments? Have you already committed any of these rules yourself? Comment about it below!
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Mara @ Mara Was Here

*Pops confetti* Congratulations, you've reached 'till the end of this post! I'm Mara, 15, and I love anything bookish and graphic designing. I also spend 90% of my life fawning over fictional boyfriends and smelling books. Thanks for hanging out at my blog! (And yes, that's me sniffing Six of Crows in our car.)


  1. Love this! I try to follow all of them but I'm a little less picky about library books, I do fold the pages on those >< But usually because I can't find a bookmark. For my own books, I'll rip off a piece of my own clothing before I fold the pages xD "Thou shall not use it as a hard surface to write on" For some reason, this one makes me cringe the most! I used to take my hardcovers to school and accidentally did this only to realize the writing sort of imprinted into the cover D:

    1. Our school library (we don't have local libraries here in my country :'() doesn't allow ANY of those so I tend to follow those rules especially when I'm borrowing from them (I'm afraid they'll find out and ban me from borrowing forever, which is impossible, but still lol 😂).

      I do #7 without even realizing it myself. I just grab the nearest thing I can write on and just... I cry every time xD

  2. AH I COMPLETELY agree with number 1, 5, 6, 7 (I accidentally did this with my copy of Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief a couple of years back and have yet to forgive myself) 8 and 10. BUT..

    Number 2: Folding.
    Ehhh I was once once like you my friend! I wanted to keep my books in pristine condition and have it look exactly like how it did fresh off the bookstore's bookshelf but... CONVENIENCE! Ahh I'm such a forgetful person and while I love the idea of bookmarks, I don't always have one on me. *hides* However, I only do this when I personally own the book. Usually though, I dog-ear only a tiny portion of the page, just to let me know where I stop and small enough to allow me to fold it back on itself and have the mark removed instantaneously! So I shall forgive myself on this one.

    Number 4: Pencil marks
    I WRITE ON MY BOOKS! *runs away screaming* Like I said, I am a forgetful little person and usually by the time I find a notebook to write down whatever ponder or qualm I had about about the passage I was reading, I forget what I'm about to say. Hence the pencil marks on my books (both in words and underlining) However! I found another reason to forgive myself on this one by watching Ariel Bissett's video on Annotating Your Books which is a rather scary video for an ex-OCD bookworm like me and was the result of many heart attacks and serious cases of hyperventilation but in the long run made me feel a lot better about 'personalizing my books.' You should give it a watch! Miss Ariel Bissett is a wonderful booktuber and overall human being. :)

    Number 9: Borrowing
    So far I have not been scarred for life on this one. Usually the people I lend my books to are wonderful human beings who understand the strict rules and regulations of handling a borrowed book, so they have my complete trust. However, it helps that I'm not much of a fussy person and don't mind slight damages. (as long as the cover and pages come back in one piece, I'm cool) To me, it's a win-win situation because I finally get someone else to fangirl over the book (other than my dog, whom often needs a break from my constant ranting about how the death of Hedwig simply wasn't necessary.)

    Wonderful post by the way Mara! xx

    1. I get tempted to write on my books with a pencil sometimes as well, but then I realize how much I spent on that thing and I just can't waste my money on it by ruining it with pencil marks and I just... I don't even know. xD

      For #9, I let a classmate borrow my book once. It was one of the books I've loved so much because I really liked the plot. But when it was returned to me, I was greeted by a half-folded book cover that I can never erase because it looked like it's been folded for a very long time. When I saw it for the first time, I internally screamed - like screamed screamed lol.

      Also, Hedwig. HEDWIG. Oh my god.


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