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Top 5 Reasons Why My Parents Probably Wish I Wasn't A Bookworm

I've always been an avid fan of books ever since I was a child. At first, my parents were extremely happy about it. I mean, how many kids out there are bookworms at such a young age? (In our country, at least.) I always looked forward to reading new stuff and receiving new books during any occasion.

But as years passed, the addiction became the root of frustration from my parents every now and then. Now, all I ever want to do is read and ignore the outside world. And that's the whole point of this post: Top 5 Reasons Why My Parents Probably Wish I Wasn't A Bookworm.

Probability #1: I can't help but go to a bookstore whenever there's one available.

One of the things that frustrates my parents (and my sister), is that whenever we go to the mall and see a bookstore, I'll eventually drag one of them with me inside. I'd spend so long looking at books in the YA section even when I don't plan on buying anything, and all they do is walk around acting bored because I'm the only one who actually reads in our family. I'd just look around the isle, grab a book that catches my interest, and type the titles on my phone's notes so I can put them in my TBR list later. Which is one of the reasons my family is frustrated about - Why would I even go inside a bookstore without money? Dear family, you just don't understand.

Probability #2: They have a hard time catching my attention

Whenever I read - which is 90% of the time - I read seriously. Like, I can't just stop reading right then and there, because I'm busy digesting everything. So whenever anyone in my family calls me by name, it takes them two to three times before I actually look up and ask what they want. It's a miracle my family still lets me read.

Probability #3: They don't understand the difference between YA and non-YA

Whenever it's my birthday, I always worry about the books my parents will buy me. I mean, of course I like the thought of knowing I can finally have new books to read, but sometimes they just can't decipher what genre I actually like. This one time my mom bought me an Adult classic for my birthday, and all I could do was smile and thank her anyway.

Mom, I love the fact that you bought me a book, but how many times will I tell you guys that I read Young Adult. There's a huuuge difference.

Probability #4: They go broke

When I was a kid, I had the habit of reading really fast, which meant my parents just had to buy me a new book to keep me entertained. And even 'till now, I still run out of books really fast. Since it's really hard to earn money in our family as a daughter, and I can't do part-time jobs with my age, all I can depend on for new books is my parent's money. Sigh.

Probability #5: "But there's PEOPLE outside!"

This is possibly the worst thing being a bookworm (and a tech geek) has affected me. This is also the cause of my ongoing ignorance with what's happening in the outside world. I've been so engrossed in reading books that the thought of going outside - unless it's to buy books - gives me the creeps. Like, why would I go outside when I can spend all day reading books? So whenever my family drags me someplace I don't care about, I pick up my phone and read on my iBooks. Sometimes even while we're walking. (Which is obviously a bad habit, but I can't help it. Anybody who does this as well?) Yep. Definitely better.

In the end, no matter how much my family wants me to stop reading, they just can't. The fact that I actually love reading is too precious for them. Besides, nobody can stop me from doing so anyway. *evil smirk*

What about you? Were there times in your bookworm life that made your parents/family wish you just weren't one as well? Share your stories below!

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  1. This is very relatable I just say, "hey I could be addicted to drugs or something, consider yourself lucky!" I am new to book blogging and am 15 as well hoping to make some friends. please check out my blog if you have the time:

  2. What?! This post is so amusing and a bit relatable. Everyone in my family is a reader, but no one is QUITE as reading-obsessed as I am, and my parents definitely don't understand the intricacies of the YA world. (I once had an argument with my dad because he said young adult and middle grade were "the same thing" and refused to believe otherwise. Sorry, but I think I'd know.) And people getting frustrated when they can't catch your attention is also a very real struggle. That's why I try so hard to find fellow bookworms for friends because they understand. :)

    1. Really true. I'm the only person in our family who still likes reading (My sister doesn't even like to read book summaries lol), so you're at least a bit lucky! :)


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