Monday, October 26, 2015

Mara's Shame List #1: Debate Disaster

If there could be anything interesting in my life, it would probably be my embarrassments. I’m such a clutz that I believe I could make a book of all of my face-palm moments, and I don’t think they’ll be stopping anytime soon.

A few weeks ago in English class, our teacher told us we would be doing a debate by group. Mine was in the opposing team, believing that “white lies are bad,” while the government team believed that they’re good.

Fast forward to the day of the debate, I prepared a black and white dress that flowed down ‘till my knees, pairing it up with a black blazer. But it was only in the moment when I was changing clothes that I realized I forgot to bring shorts. I can’t just put on a dress wearing nothing but underwear underneath! So smarty-ol’ me thought it would be a great idea to just pull up my jogging pants (it was a PE day, so we were wearing white shirts and navy-blue jogging pants) until it was hidden under the skirt of my dress.

And I’m proud to say that everything went well. I was confident with my arguments, because I knew they made sense. I saw my teacher nod in approval every time I helped defend our team (Which probably just meant as a gesture to show me that she’s listening and nothing more, but still).

Until the time when it was my turn to talk up front.

I knew something was wrong the moment I stood up from my chair and walked to the center of the class. I felt my jogging pants breaking loose from the tight way I pulled it up my legs. And—as if that wasn’t bad enough—when I started talking, it slipped back down.

I could see a lot of people in class whispering and laughing, because who wears their jogging pants underneath a dress?

Classmate #1: Mara, jogging pants mo! (Mara, your jogging pants!)
Classmate #2: Yung jogging pants ni Mara, oh my God! *Laughter* (Mara’s jogging pants, oh my God!)
Classmate #3: Bakit suot niya jogging pants niya? *Even more laughter* (Why is she wearing her jogging pants?)
Me: *Starts laughing everything off with cold sweat in the middle of my speech*
English Teacher: Mara, manners!

I couldn’t even say sorry to my teacher because I just wanted to get out of there—out of the spotlight, out of the humiliation. And when I saw my English teacher after class, she even asked me what happened back there. I explained that I forgot to bring shorts and such. I just wanted to forget everything and move on with life like nothing embarrassing ever happened.

I know what some of you are probably asking themselves, though. Why didn’t I bring shorts in the first place? If I remember correctly, I actually reminded myself to pack it inside my bag the day before. Though I don’t think I actually did it, since I’m a lazy ass and all I ever want to do in my life is lie in bed and surf the internet (and read).

So I guess I learned my lesson (not really). If you don’t want to experience an embarrassing moment like mine, remember to pack everything you need the day before you need it. Doing it later might seem like a good option, but keep in mind that nothing will ever stop your mind from forgetting to do it.

And that’s my embarrassing story for today.

What’s yours?
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