Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween! Got Any Scary Stories To Share?

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Happy Halloween, Everyone!!

Unfortunately, we don't celebrate the occasion in our country that much unless someone wants to, which sucks. We don't really do trick-or-treats, though some offices and/or schools celebrate Halloween by throwing a party and dressing up as their favorite characters. It's a bit sad because our school was supposed to have our own party but it got cancelled. (And I was so ready to do my makeup and pick my clothes!) (Which may also be a bad idea because I don't know a thing or two about makeup... or clothes - and is probably the reason why I made a book blog instead of a lifestyle one.)

But still, I hope you guys had an awesome (and scary) Halloween today!

Got any creepy stories or stuff you did for Halloween that you'd want to share with me? Don't hesitate to post them on the comments section below!

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