Saturday, October 31, 2015

Top 5 Reasons Why My Parents Probably Wish I Wasn't A Bookworm

I've always been an avid fan of books ever since I was a child. At first, my parents were extremely happy about it. I mean, how many kids out there are bookworms at such a young age? (In our country, at least.) I always looked forward to reading new stuff and receiving new books during any occasion.

But as years passed, the addiction became the root of frustration from my parents every now and then. Now, all I ever want to do is read and ignore the outside world. And that's the whole point of this post: Top 5 Reasons Why My Parents Probably Wish I Wasn't A Bookworm.

Happy Halloween! Got Any Scary Stories To Share?

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Happy Halloween, Everyone!!

Unfortunately, we don't celebrate the occasion in our country that much unless someone wants to, which sucks. We don't really do trick-or-treats, though some offices and/or schools celebrate Halloween by throwing a party and dressing up as their favorite characters. It's a bit sad because our school was supposed to have our own party but it got cancelled. (And I was so ready to do my makeup and pick my clothes!) (Which may also be a bad idea because I don't know a thing or two about makeup... or clothes - and is probably the reason why I made a book blog instead of a lifestyle one.)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Dreaded DNF Series #1: Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

Hey there, bookworms! As some of you probably don’t know, I’m a girl with a lot of food on her plate (not literally—I’m thinner than the average person). Even though I love reading books, I still have a pile of “To Read” stuff on my bookshelf and I just don’t have time to finish a book if it bores/annoys me a lot, even though I try so hard to finish it just for the sake of saying I made it.

So I decided to make this section called “The Dreaded DNF” (DNF = Did Not Finish), since I thought it would be unfair to make a normal book review for those novels I stopped reading halfway through. I’ll just discuss the reason(s) why I couldn’t just find the strength to do so.

And this episode’s first DNF is... Unfortunately, “Girl Online” by Zoe Sugg.

Book Review: All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Amazon | Goodreads

TITLE: All The Bright Places
AUTHOR: Jennifer Niven
GENRE: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult, Depression & Mental Illness
PUBLISHED ON: January 6, 2015 by Knopf Publishing Group

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2015 Halloween Pick: Through The Woods by Emily Carroll

"It came from the woods. Most strange things do."

I was searching through books I could read a few weeks ago (even though I was already reading something else—you feel me?) and somehow stumbled upon Emily Carroll’s “Through The Woods.” I was supposed to make a book review for it, but then again I thought meh, how about something else. And since it’ll be Halloween in three days and the comic book genre fits the occasion, I decided to feature this comic book as my Halloween pick for this year.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Mara's Shame List #1: Debate Disaster

If there could be anything interesting in my life, it would probably be my embarrassments. I’m such a clutz that I believe I could make a book of all of my face-palm moments, and I don’t think they’ll be stopping anytime soon.

A few weeks ago in English class, our teacher told us we would be doing a debate by group. Mine was in the opposing team, believing that “white lies are bad,” while the government team believed that they’re good.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Book Review: My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga

Buy from Amazon; Check it out on Goodreads
TITLE: My Heart and Other Black Holes
AUTHOR: Jasmine Warga
GENRE: Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Family
DATE PUBLISHED: February 10, 2015 by HarperCollins
DATE FINISHED: October 19, 2015

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Book Review: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Finally! A new book review. I got this in hardcover edition as a gift from my father on my birthday last October 13th, and I practically screamed with joy because I've always wanted to read this book. In paperback, and not on an ebook. Best day of my life.

Buy from Amazon; Check it out on Goodreads
TITLE: Carry On (The Rise and Fall of Simon Snow)
AUTHOR: Rainbow Rowell
GENRE: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult Fiction, Romance
DATE PUBLISHED: October 6, 2015 by St. Martin's Griffin
DATE FINISHED: October 17, 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hectic Month!

October's been an extremely hectic month for me. My teachers decided it would be a great time to throw us tons of homework and consecutive contests. Then 5SOS thought it would be a PERFECT time to announce a concert date here in the Philippines while I'm still broke and crying. I don't even know. I'm still so stressed out and worried about life that I can't even focus on one single thing after another. Ugh.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Book Review: Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson

Yep! I'm a bookworm. That's why I decided to make a book review today, since I just finished Morgan Matson's latest novel. I've been reading it for around half a month, which is definitely not like me. It's just the fact that I've been so busy with schoolwork that I didn't have time to finish it like I usually do (I finish books in one week or mostly less). Anyway, I didn't post this to say that. I posted this for the book review. So here it goes!

Buy from Amazon; Check it out on Goodreads
TITLE: Since You've Been Gone
AUTHOR: Morgan Matson
GENRE: Contemporary, Young Adult, Romance, Fiction
DATE PUBLISHED: May 6, 2014 by Simon And Schuster
DATE FINISHED: October 2, 2015

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