Sunday, September 27, 2015

I'm An Otaku

From the manga "Orange" by Takano Ichigo.
(Left) Naruse Kakeru (Right) Takamiya Naho
I'd like to start this off with a "thank you" to my sister who influenced me with a lot of things before I even knew what the word meant. Yes, she influenced me with the world of Anime, and I don't think I can leave anymore.

Since I was in around second grade, I've already been introduced with anime series such as "Mirmo De Pon" and "Pichi Pichi Pitch," which escalated to "Princess Resurrection" and "Vampire Knight" (Yes, I've had my fair share of the "vampire" madness during the time of Twilight). Eventually I've learned to discover more series on my own, and that's how I've become a shoujo lover through and through.

Friday, September 18, 2015

MWH Is Back!

Hey there! Yet again, I am bringing this blog back to life, hoping for another shot of keeping it alive and updated. I've changed the blog layout and added a few new stuff, so I hope it looks even better than before!

Moving on, I'll try posting new stuff soon, so please do keep an eye on that! I've exposed myself to new stuff recently so I'm pretty sure I'll figure out a new topic to talk about sooner or later.

Also, I'm not that used to blogging and this is the first time I'llever try it out, so I apologize for any cringe-worthy stuff I'll be posting.

Lots of love,
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